Aerial surveillance and target data acquisition radar system.

The SABER-M60 is a tridimensional solid-state Pulse-Doppler radar which incorporates the most advanced technologies to detect, simultaneously, up to 60 targets flying over the protected area.

The radar is able to classify aircrafts as friend or foe, as well as identifying fixed or rotary wings.

The SABER-M60 tracking system is able to track targets within a radius up to 60 km and up to 5.000 meters high. The radar is an effective equipment for search and surveillance of air targets at low altitude in favor of antiaircraft artillery.


Versatility, flexibility and portability

The SABER-M60 Radar is easily assembled and put into operation by only three men in 15 minutes. Robust and flexible, its L-Band antenna is speccially designed for transportation and installation in any type of terrain, even under adverse weather conditions.



Assembly from SABER-M60