The BRADAR technological products can be applied to:

  • Engineering works;
  • oil and gas Pipelines
  • electricity Distribution;
  • Forestry and agricultural mapping;
  • Geology;
  • Cities Management;
  • Areas delimitations (indigenous, farms, settlements, etc.);
  • Environmental Evaluation
  • Regional planning;
  • Water supply and sanitation;
  • Transport and roads;
  • Environmental accidents (oil spills, landslides, forest fires, etc.).
  • Among others...


Measuring Forest Biomass

The height difference between the Digital Surface Model (treetops) and the Digital Terrain Model (ground clearance), permits to estimate the height of the forest, which is well correlated with the forest biomass. The higher the forest, the greater the biomass.


In countries like Brazil, monitoring and management of environmental resources is crucial. For this application, the products derived from BRADAR technology attend the following applications:

  • Environmental monitoring and land use mapping
  • natural resources Management
  • Protected areas Supervision;
  • Delimitation of EEZs - Ecological-Economic Zoning;
  • Biomass estimation;
  • Systems for monitoring vegetation coverage;
  • Preparation of EIA - Environmental Impact Assessment;
  • Preparing the EIR - Environmental Impact Report;
  • Surveying beneath the vegetation (forests);
  • Survey and monitoring of water resources;
  • Detection and monitoring of oil spills at the sea surface caused by oil or oil drilling platforms;
  • Risk analysis on the accidents possibility with environmental sensitivity maps;
  • Among others...
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