Radar OrbiSAR

BRADAR offers the latest equipment, with in-house solutions. The company is the leader in three-dimensional radar, air and sea surveillance, subsidence and movement detection, seismic mapping technology and is the sole provider of the most advanced multipolarimetric and interferometric synthetic aperture radar operating in the X and P bands, which operates during the day and night, overclouds and rain covered areas.

The company, recognized as an accurate maps provider, was responsible for mapping the forest and the soil under the vegetation of the Brazilian Amazon, by measuring biomass and natural secondary forest and subsidence detection and detection of seismic movements with an accuracy of 3 mm.

BRADAR is responsible for the development and implementation of large projects for defense, environmental monitoring and sustainable development in Brazil, such as:

  1. Amazon Rainforest Mapping

    Since October 2008, BRADAR is responsible for mapping over 18 million square kilometers of dense forest, covered by clouds, through remote sensing using an InSAR radar operating in X and P bands.

  2. Automatic calculation of biomass

    Considering the importance of carbon trading, BRADAR, along with the National Institute for Space Research (INPE) has developed a system that allows the calculation of biomass from natural and secondary forests, based on the compilation of InSAR data.

  3. Environmental Monitoring

    The BRADAR InSAR sensor can monitor an area of 5 million square kilometers with a resolution of 10 meters in up to five days, allowing the detection of unknown or illegal activities.

  4. Airspace Surveillance at low altitude

    BRADAR has developed the latest technology in three-dimensional radar systems for surveillance and target detection up to 60 km (Radar SABER-M60), designed to integrate the air traffic control, anti-aircraft defense systems at low altitude, border surveillance and combating drug and weapons trafficking.

    Currently under development, the radar SABER-M200 is a surveillance radar system for medium range detection for all the climatic and environmental conditions, able to detect and track air targets, missiles, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles and other threats to low altitude within an angle of 70 degrees with the horizon at a distance up to 200 km.

  5. Mapping

    The BRADAR InSAR system can perform aerial surveillance of large surfaces, with or without vegetation coverage in favorable or unfavorable weather conditions, during the day or night, by monitoring critical areas and detecting in real time, roads, airports and constructions hidden under the forest vegetation.

  6. Radar developing

    BRADAR has started the development of radar ground surveillance SENTIR-M20; the three-dimensional long-range radar for primary and secondary aerial surveillance SABER-M200; and the miniaturization of OrbiSAR sensor for applications in unmanned aerial vehicles (MiniSAR), among other projects.

BRADAR, recognized for its high quality products and services, has executed works in Switzerland, Venezuela, Panama and Germany, and has in its clients portfolio the Brazilian largest companies, as well as the Brazilian Air Force and the Army.

We continue to invest in internal research and development programs, seeking to serve our clients with innovative solutions, tailored to the client needs and always ready for long-term partnerships.