The São José dos Campos (SP) office comprises a complex of 1,300 m², housing management, Sales & Marketing, remote sensing, data processing and Engineering Product Development. All instruments and equipment required for the development of hardware and software products from top-line of BRADAR, as well as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) systems and measurements and testing devices are available.

The Campinas ( SP) unit hosts in its plant of 1,040 m², the engineering group for the development of air surveillance radars and surface, as well as the development of Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar (InSAR) airborne.

SABER M60 radars are developed and manufactured in a complex of 1,800 m², in the Arsenal of the Brazilian Army (AGSP) War, located in Barueri - SP.


Human Resources

The BRADAR policy is based on the current and future needs analysis for the development and innovation of new products. The analysis result allows the selection of professionals with appropriate profile, guiding them in their professional careers. To encourage these professionals to attend seminars, specialization courses, postgraduate programs and conferences, BRADAR adopts flexible hours, reimbursing expenses and providing orientation from Master´s and PhD specialist.

For innovative technologies and solutions development, BRADAR promotes partnerships with various institutes for science and technology, aiming to apply research and a joint development of products and projects. This stimulation proves BRADAR experience and promote a team for the development of hardware and software, including engineers and technicians specialized in EF and electronics. Additionally, teams are multidisciplinary, with professionals from other areas like Project Management, Business and Marketing, and incorporating new professionals through direct hiring when needed.

The experience of BRADAR in the area of hardware is extensive due to the development of radar, FPGA, RF (Radio Frequency) systems and other equipment. In software, the team has considerable experience in the development of marine and airborne systems, image and signal processing, among others.

The company has more than 200 employees, among them we can mention six doctors, over 20 masters and postgraduates, 80 technologists and professionals with more than 90 technical diploma.

Remote Sensing processing towers (São José dos Campos/SP)