Headquarters - São José dos Campos/SP

A Bradar Indústria S/A is a private company focused on developing projects and products with high technology radars in the defense, security and surveillance sectors, also operating in remote sensing for mapping and monitoring the Earth surface.

The enormous intellectual capital is comprised of over 200 employees, including PhD and Master´s specialists and technical experts. The company currently has 19 patent applications and 3 trademark registrations. BRADAR has also two technological and commercial centers in the state of São Paulo, in the cities of Campinas and São José dos Campos, totaling approximately 2,300 m² premises.


Bradar - Campinas/SP


In order to provide advanced technology products and services of highest quality to fit the needs of our clients, BRADAR operates in the international market, developing and creating innovative and differentiated solutions.

Within the various products, we highlight the family of defense radars SABER-M60 e M200, the portable radar SENTIR-M20, as well as OrbiSAR, the X and P InSAR radar technology used to obtain geographic information quickly and precisely, allowing the visualization of the terrain under the clouds or dense forests.

Finally, we emphasize that BRADAR integrates, since May 2011, the Embraer Defense and Security group, adopting the same standards of business excellence that have made Embraer S/A a leading company in the global aerospace industry.