• Remote Sensing

    During the day or night, with or without clouds, the InSAR radars developed by BRADAR are able to generate high resolution and accuracy maps.

  • Defense Radar SABER-M60

    Defense and sovereignty. Cutting-edge tridimensional radar technology in Radar for search and surveillance of 60 simultaneous aerial targets.

  • Defense RADAR SENTIR-M20

    Intelligent surveillance. The first portable short-range radar to incorporate InSAR and ATI, able to perform surveillance, tracking and displaying targets on land or air operations.



Welcome to Bradar

Bradar is a technology based company, specialized in remote sensing and radar aerial and ground surveillance. The company offers innovative solutions using high technology and quality for the clients and is responsible for the development of advanced radars applied to:


  • Remote sensing for mapping and monitoring (OrbiSAR);
  • Ground and aerial surveillance of low altitude targets (SABER-M60).